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Hi I'm Jay, welcome to Kent Birds

I am passionate about keeping & hand rearing birds. I have been keeping & breeding budgies, pigeons, Love Birds and finches for many years now in a small aviary in my garden. I am a member of the Budgerigar Society.

I really did get the bug for bird keeping not long after I started so I decided to expand my collection. I soon bought a pair of Indian Ring Neck added to my aviary.

I plan to expand my set up in the near future & build a block of aviaries to house all my birds into their own flights. They will be happier & will hopefully breed better for me in single species aviaries. I pride myself on the quality of my birds and my aim is to supply the best hand reared birds which will make great pets.

Many thanks Jay

My birds are cuddly tame and get lots of time & attention spent on them. All my birds are closed rung and hand reared from 2 weeks old. I bring them indoors into a warm brooder & hand feed with kaytee exact every 3 hours from morning to midnight. As they progress, I gradually increase the number of hours between feeds until they reach around 5 weeks old. At this point they usually only get 2 feeds per day & this is where they start weaning onto their adult food.

Once the babies are getting to around 7 weeks old it is normal for them start to refuse their hand rearing formula, by now they should ideally be eating plenty of seed and fruits. From 10-12 weeks old the babies are eating independently & are usually ready for their new homes.

I only ever sell my birds when I am 100% happy that the birds are 100% happy and healthy. Where possible I always encourage people to come & see the birds before they commit to buy, this way they can be sure that they are buying the right bird for them & they can start to bond with their new pet.

People are always welcome to visit or come & see the progress of their bird. I will send regular updates on their progress also. I have hand reared birds for sale at various times of the year, check out availability on the birds for sale page above. 


We take most extreme consideration in taking care of them and guarantee that you bring home a solid, cheerful and well disposed feathered creature that turns into a piece of your family inside a brief timeframe!
Please feel free to contact me via email or Text, you can also check out my Facebook page.
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