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Kentbirds is startup online store working with breeding Budgies, Pigeons, Love Birds and Finches. Now bird lovers need not travel long distance for buying the right bird for them & they can start to bond with their new pet. People are always welcome to visit or come & see the progress of their bird.

Birdies in real life

With regards to birds, we as a whole have that intrinsic enthusiastic association with these cooing wonders that wins our love away with their lively, adoring and merry nature! This is the reason we at Kentbirds offers you prepared manageable winged animals that hear you out, collaborate with you and makes your life vivid and agreeable.

Happy Customers

Customer Testimonial

Jay (Kent Birds) was very friendly and helpful throughout. We bought a beautiful cockatiel from him which is the perfect companion for my mum. Very healthy, affectionate and full of character. Well worth travelling an hour for. Would highly recommend Jay from Kent Birds.
Jay (Kent Birds) was very friendly
Charlie Carpenter

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