Jay (Kent Birds) was very friendly and helpful throughout. We bought a beautiful cockatiel from him which is the perfect companion for my mum. Very healthy, affectionate and full of character. Well worth travelling an hour for. Would highly recommend Jay from Kent Birds.

Jay (Kent Birds) was very friendly

Charlie Carpenter

What a lovely man so helpful and great to talk too,brought two baby Budgie’s from him would have had more if i could have had.The bird’s are absolutely beautiful, very healthy and happy. Would recommended Jay to new owners, or except bird keeper’s Thank-You for your help to-day, made for a great experience. Wishing you well Rosemarie.
What a lovely man so helpful and great…

Rosemarie Coventry

I am very happy with the budgie I bought. Bird is healthy,funny and brings a lot of joy to our house. I highly recommend the seller.
I am very happy with the budgie

Agata Ogorek

I bought some colourful birds. Great seller.
Great seller


I brought lovely colour full Bugies from Breeder. Really appreciate your service .trust worthy. I will come back and recommend you. One again thank you Mr Jay
I brought lovely color full Budgies

Mr Senthurvasan

Had a very good experience with this gentleman, the lovebirds we bought are absolutely beautiful and it was a pleasure doing business with him.

Michelle Adey

Great service highly recommend Kent Birds. We bought our birds from Kent Birds and they’re in great shape and healthy condition. The value of the birds we bought are much higher than the price itself. Cheap prices for very well conditioned birds. Reliable seller.
Great service highly recommend

Thangarasa Murukanantham

I visited Kent Birds today. Jay was very knowledgeable who helped me to select pair of Budgies. The aviary was amazing, tidy and Jay gave an enormous about of advice to me and my daughter who is 9 years old. He made the experience so special as well as so informative. He clearly had a lot of work to do and was still making the time to ensure we had everything we needed. Working in these circumstances is especially difficult and We felt all safe in the ways he managed the place with social distancing. Pleasure buying from Kent Birds and will visit again – thank you Jay
I visited Kent Birds today

Raajh Sekaram

Fantastic . Love our birds we have bought from jay . Very helpful too . Thanks



Lovely Kent Birds♡ from a trustworthy seller. Thank you and Regards Croydon
Lovely Kent Birds♡ from a trustworthy

Mathan Sithambarathasan

Very knowledgeable breeder. Over the past year we have bought three budgies from him. All are very healthy and active. He has always been very helpful with advice throughout the year when we have asked. Would highly recommend

Very knowledgeable breeder

Lynsayjane Harris

Very happy with my ringneck parrots gona take gd care ov them my girlfriend loves them many thanks for ur service
Very happy with my ringneck parrots


Lovely birds, beautiful Avery, would recommend
Lovely birds


I bought birds from them. very good and will recommend it as value for money.
Value for Money

Padma Rahulan

Excellent seller
Value for Money

Humeera Saeed