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A clean and hygienic environment is a vital factor in the health of any bird, reptile or small animal. To help create this optimum environment,?we have introduced Wood Chip Floor Dressing; a natural product comprising 100% Hardwood in the form of dust free chips, which have been specially dried, sterilised and graded.

Ideal for birds, reptiles and small animals alike, and already extensively used throughout Europe, Wood Chip Floor Dressing offers major advantages over traditional alternatives…… Spread evenly across the floor of the aviary or cage, to a minimum depth of 20mm, Wood Chip Floor Dressings gives excellent insulating performance keeping the inmates warm and comfortable in all weather conditions. Wood Chip Floor Dressing is easy to use, the density of the chips keeps them firmly in place. When the top surface becomes soiled it is a simple matter to rake away the affected level and replenish the surface with fresh chippings.

Cages, aviaries, boxes, baskets, transporting cages, lofts…….. Wood Chip Floor Dressing is ideal for all of these, serving as an insulator and providing a covering that also looks extremely attractive. Being a natural material, Wood Chip Floor Dressing could hardly be more environmentally friendly – after use it can be used as a surface mulch in the garden. A natural product free of impurities, Wood Chip Floor Dressing has low absorption and is dust and fungi-free. As such, it helps to reduce the incidence of respiratory and other infectious diseases.


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